Sometimes, occasional betting can become problematic. We understand the potential risk of gambling and it is our responsibility to make sure that you are informed about them.

The principles of social responsibility of the Romanian gambling industry
- Promote your business as a means of fun, not as a way to earn money.
- Allocate the human resource that has as main task the carrying out of actions of social responsibility and protection of the client. Also provide a budget for this!
- Permanently train your employees on the latest practices related to Responsible Gaming .
- Offers limited drinks or services that could encourage excessive gambling.
- Permanently and honestly inform your clients about the dangers of gambling problems and how they are treated.
- Make sure you identify players with problems on time.
- Act immediately when you have identified a player with problems.
- Cooperate with the family in case of players with problems.
- Make sure that access to the minors is strictly prohibited!
- Permanently seeks the partnership with the authorities and the voluntary participation in the actions that concern the social responsibility.

Child protection measures
The following information is posted on our website, to emphasize that only adults can use our services:
- 18 year sign (Responsible game) on each page.
- On each page, it is specified in writing that only those over 18 can use our services
- On each page, it is specified that the players must act within the limits of the law.

in addition:

The functions of the site do not contain: animation characters for children, articles that can arouse the interest of children.
The logos and images have an attractive style, but never child-oriented.
Content is never associated with family life.